The New Nuclear Watch Institute in partnership with the Nuclear Institute and the EIC (Energy Industries Council) is holding a series of energy policy debates in 2020.







Past sessions

Attracting talent into the nuclear

energy industry

8 December 2020

The webinar focused on why nuclear energy offers a great career for young talented men and women. We believe that the challenge of climate change provides a strong incentive for able and ambitious people to enter our industry.


Eric Meyer

Executive Director, Generation Atomic

Andrew Crabtree

Founder, Get Into Nuclear

Lena Andriolo

President, International Youth Nuclear Congress 

Gulnara Bikkulova

Deputy General Manager, Rosatom Corporate Academy

Ben Reynard

Digital Engineering Lead, Atkins, part of the SNC-Lavalin Group

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How can investment in nuclear help to stimulate the economy?

23 July 2020

This webinar focused on how reviving the UK nuclear energy industry can stimulate the post-Covid economic recovery. It will provide an update on Sizewell C and how to engineer a net zero town.


Julia Pyke

SZC Director of Financing, EDF Energy  


Ieuan Williams

Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Nuclear Industry Association


Greg Willetts

Vice President of Technology and Consultancy, Jacobs


Ian Falconer

Structured Finance, Pinsent Masons

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Is net zero possible without nuclear?

29 April 2020

This policy debate explored the consequences of trying to prevent irreversible climate change without nuclear.


Kirsty Gogan

Co-founder and Executive Director, Energy for Humanity


Alan Raymant

Chief Executive of Bradwell B, CGN UK

Martin Wright

Chair, Renewable Energy Association


Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Shadow Minister for Green New Deal and Energy, BEIS


Ian McCarlie

Partner, Renewables & Clean Tech Sub Sector Lead, Pinsent Masons

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The system value of nuclear capacity additions in sustainable development

21 October 2020

NNWI presented the fourth in a series of Energy Policy Panel Sessions 2020 at which the latest research from NNWI which sheds new light on the comparative costs of nuclear and intermittent renewable energy were introduced.


Charles Hart

Senior Researcher, The New Nuclear Watch Institute


Polina Lion

Chief Sustainability Officer, Rosatom

Julia Pyke 

SZC Director of Financing, EDF Energy


Kirsty Gogan

Co-Founder, Energy for Humanity

Jeremy Sainsbury

Director, Natural Power

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Advanced and small modular reactors

18 June 2020

Many in the nuclear industry believe that advanced and small modular reactors will play a big part in the future of nuclear energy and help to drive down the cost of new plants. 


Alan Woods

Director Strategy and Business Development, Rolls Royce  

Lenka Kollar

Director, Strategy & External Relations, NuScale

Elena Pashina

Marketing Director, Rusatom Overseas

Richard Deakin

ISCF Challenge Director, Low Cost Nuclear Challenge, UKRI

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Audio - Watch here. (password: 32531981)