About us

NNWI is an industry supported think-tank, focused on the international development of nuclear energy as a means for governments to safeguard their long term sustainable energy needs. We strongly believe that nuclear is vital to achieving binding Paris Climate Agreement objectives and tackling the challenge of climate change. 


We have recently published research into the challenges facing the Southeast Europe electricity market which presents an impact assessment of new policies and trends that have emerged, principally those related to the data economy and the post-Paris Agreement climate action consensus. However, much of our previous work has been focused on the role of nuclear within the United Kingdom.


What we believe…


Nuclear power is currently the best way to generate secure affordable low carbon electricity. Including nuclear power in the energy mix of any country ensures that its long term energy needs are met in a safe, clean and economically beneficial manner.


In order to secure these advantages for their citizens, governments must take care in choosing the technology and vendor which suits their particular requirements.


Equally important is maintaining public support for the use of nuclear power. Achieving this objective involves prioritising safety, maximising the share of the manufacturing and supply chain work carried out in the host country and delivering tangible benefits for local communities.


We believe that concern about both the security of energy supplies and the need for a larger scale and more urgent response to the challenge of climate change will intensify considerably in the next few years. Addressing this challenge requires substantial decarbonisation of the electricity generation industry.


We recognise that renewable energy can provide low carbon power and that some renewable technologies are becoming more affordable. However, no modern economy can be competitive without a continuous supply of electricity.


For that reason, until large scale, low cost and long term electricity storage is available, we believe that it is impossible for any country to rely exclusively on intermittent sources of electricity generation.


Maintaining an energy mix avoids excessive dependence on any single source of power. While every nation has the right to choose its own mix we believe that nuclear is an essential component for most countries and is the best way to deliver secure reliable low carbon electricity.


In selecting a nuclear technology we believe that four issues are paramount – safety, security, affordability and economic impact.


The nuclear industry has an outstanding safety record which compares very favourably with almost every other energy industry. The existence of expert independent regulators, such as the UK Office of Nuclear Regulation, in many countries provides further safeguards.


The security of nuclear energy derives from the existence of plentiful and diverse sources of uranium around the world. Nuclear contracts should not lock customers into a single fuel supplier.


The nuclear industry is capable of delivering affordable electricity. At a time of low fossil fuel prices and falling costs of renewables such as solar and onshore wind it is essential for nuclear to show that it is better value than alternative low carbon electricity technologies. We believe that it can do so.


The record of nuclear plants in providing good quality well paid jobs in a clean environment is one of the reasons why most people living near existing nuclear power stations support the construction of new plants. New nuclear plants should produce tangible benefits for all members of local communities and not simply give councils more cash for pet projects.


Investment in new nuclear capacity should bring substantial economic benefits to host nations during both the construction and operational phases. The probability of a significant revival of nuclear power globally in the next two decades offers an opportunity for any country which now opts for nuclear to build a supply chain industry which will enjoy considerable export potential.


Our mission at NNWE is to ensure that decisions about nuclear power are taken in a way which secures the maximum benefit for the environment, the economy, for consumers and taxpayers alike.


When it comes to new build we believe that the risk of significant cost and time overruns, which are sometimes associated with the construction of nuclear reactors, can be reduced by choosing designs which have been previously built elsewhere and have a track record of safe commercial use.


We exist solely to promote investment in new nuclear capacity. We hold no brief for individual companies or technologies but represent the interests of the industry in general.


We believe that the right way to secure widespread recognition of the beneficial contribution of nuclear is to encourage the widest possible and best informed debate about energy and climate change. This debate should acknowledge the benefits of nuclear in medical and other areas beyond energy.


In pursuit of this goal NNWE organises a range of events in the UK, the EU and further afield. Some of these are invitation only private round-table discussions with industry leaders, policy makers and opinion formers. On other occasions we speak out publicly at conferences, seminars and in the media.


The names of companies who support us are shown on this website. We also have the backing of distinguished people in the scientific and academic worlds.


If you share our aims and would like to express your support for them publicly please contact us as all support is very much welcomed to help spread our aims and objectives.