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NNWI is launching ‘Yes to Nuclear Perspectives’ Initiative

15 February 2021

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The New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI) is launching a new initiative ‘Yes to Nuclear Perspectives’. This initiative is backed by the Nuclear-21, Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA), and World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI).


The aim is to explore how nuclear science and technology can help mankind to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by the target date of 2030.


These SDGs were set by the UN General Assembly in 2015, the same year that COP21 led to the signing of the Paris Climate Accord by almost 200 countries.


During 2021 NNWI will evaluate the role of nuclear power in relation to each of the SDGs in a series of monthly publications leading up to COP26 in November. These will each feature one SDG in the context of both an industry perspective and a country perspective. 

Welcoming this initiative NNWI Chairman Tim Yeo said "We want to improve the world's understanding of nuclear power and its far-reaching applications.  The benefits of nuclear go far wider than simply the provision of low carbon electricity to tackle climate change. They extend to a wider set of energy services decarbonising transport, heating and industrial applications while continuing bringing high value solutions in agriculture and medicine."

Nuclear-21 said “The coming decade is crucial in tackling sustainability challenges. Nuclear science and technology solutions are crucial to get us effectively on this path towards a more prosperous future for us all. As Nuclear-21 we strongly embrace this initiative seeking to bring science-based decisional support information on how the nuclear community can ensure this future.


NIA executive director Judi Greenwald noted “NIA’s mission is to bring economically competitive advanced nuclear energy to the world in support of decarbonization. Next generation nuclear technologies can support Sustainable Development Goals – providing modern energy services and enabling emerging economies to industrialize without emissions.


Welcoming the opportunity to collaborate in this initiative, Captain Simon Chaplin, WNTI, said “that with the right information, from trusted and reliable sources, people can understand the benefits and overwhelming evidence that support the nuclear industry.


Martin Porter, Secretary General, WNTI added “Climate change is a current global challenge and how we address it will shape the future of the whole planet. Advances in new nuclear technologies offer us the opportunity to adopt safe, clean, and affordable solutions that will take us towards a sustainable, thriving environment and provide opportunities to all communities of the world."


NNWI welcomes contributions to this debate and will consider these for publication.

For more information visit our website or please contact NNWI Executive Director Veronika Struharova.


About NNWI

NNWI is an industry supported think-tank, focused on the international development of nuclear energy as a means for governments to safeguard their long-term sustainable energy needs. We strongly believe that nuclear is vital to achieving binding Paris Climate Agreement objectives and tackling the challenge of climate change. Since our inception, we have been recognised in the press as a high-profile nuclear industry body working across the UK and European nuclear sector. 


Initiative contact details:

Veronika Struharova

+447534 132492

Download the flyer here.