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Founded by Tim Yeo at the end of 2014, New Nuclear Watch Europe (NNWE) was an interest group which was established to help ensure nuclear power is recognised as an important and desirable way for European governments to meet the long-term security needs of their countries. 

Since its inception, NNWE has been an industry leader in advocating for new build plant within the UK, Europe, and further afield. 

Our polling data has continually highlighted the support nuclear energy has in areas where there is a plant already located, indicating that those who understand and have a direct connection to the technology, are those which are most supportive. 

Our regular fringe events at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in Paris and the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF) Plenary Meetings are regularly attended by Ministers, policymakers, industry stakeholders and European attache's, becoming a successful fixture of the calendar.

Within Europe, NNWE is a trusted and recognised voice in the debate for building a new fleet of nuclear energy plant in order to meet the 2015 Paris Accord, regularly holding well attended briefings on key topics to move the discussion forward in Brussels.

The work NNWE undertakes internationally includes promoting new build development in South Africa, and those countries bordering the European Union. 

Our Green Paper entitled: A Proposal for the Organisation for Nuclear Cooperation in Europe (ONCE), was highly regarded and discussed widely throughout the diplomatic community. 

We hope this new think-tank, NNWI, will ensure that nuclear enegry remains at the forefront of debate. Assisting policymakers and the general public understand the vital need for nuclear energy in meeting our climate change objectives.

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