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NNWI Forum 2019

Nuclear energy as part of Europe's energy mix

Wednesday 6 November 2019

About the event

The prospects for nuclear energy in Europe are uncertain. Despite the EU 2050 Energy Strategy's ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets the European Commission is ambivalent about the nuclear industry. Apart from France, Britain and Finland the only member states planning new plants are in central and eastern Europe.


The Commission's attitude towards nuclear contrasts with its support for renewable energy. Nuclear is seen as competing against renewables. There's a risk that the limit to which a modern economy can rely on intermittent energy sources is ignored - with worrying implications for security of supply.


The New Nuclear Watch Institute believes Europe needs both nuclear and renewable energy to meet its challenging targets. Cuts of 90 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions cannot be achieved by 2050 without a significant contribution from nuclear. Global concern about climate change will intensify in the next few years.


The Forum addressed these issues directly. It recognized that cost is an obstacle to faster development of new nuclear plant and examined how modern technology and practice can help. It explored the economic benefits of developing new capacity.


The Forum was an opportunity to hear from and question industry experts and policy makers. It promoted the exchange of views and information about the future of the nuclear industry in Europe. Its purpose was to secure wider acceptance of the essential role of nuclear in Europe's energy mix.

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